Roof Cleaning 101 part A

Roofing manufactures ( ARMA ) top 4 roof dangers:

Algae; effects all roofs ( metal, wood, shake, asphalt shingles and tile) lowers property values and deteriorate roofs. Algae thrives in shaded humid areas.

Lichen; effects all types of roofs leads to increased shingle degradation leading to costly repairs or replacement. Lichen loves humid conditions on your home.

Moss;  may lead to roof rot and compromise and compromises the integrity of these areas leading to costly repairs or replacement.

Mold; Effects wood and dry walls. Some molds such as Stachybotrys ( commonly known as black mold ) Can cause health risks and respiratory illnesses. Mold forms fast and can compromise the entire house not just the roof. Mold appears as fuzzy black, green, or brown colored spots and only needs moisture to form in all regions.

Mildew;  Mildew loves warm, humid, rainy climates. Effects roofs with poor drainage or where trees hang over. you can recongnize mildew by its green,black, red, or pink powdery appearance

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